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Senior full stack developer

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Do you have at least 2 years of experience as a full stack developer? Do you love working with Laravel, React and/or Node.js? Are you eager to join a fast-growing company born of innovation where we work with the latest and most exciting web technologies? Would you like to help continue the growth of the most promising global SaaS company owned and headquartered in the north or Norway?


At Joubel, we strive to be the best place to work for those who love creating awesomeness! When you perform in Joubel, it gets noticed. Our experienced management team ensures your performances are appreciated and that you receive the help and support you need to develop yourself and your career. Your contributions will be noticed not only by our internal team, but by over 200 million people around the world who use our technology. When you work for us you work for the students of the most famous and esteemed universities in the world. You will be serving the employees of some of the world’s largest corporations. You will also be helping some of the world’s poorest children to learn, and help empower them to build a better life.


We are very proud of the results of our software development efforts and processes. We build solutions of the highest quality and our sprints usually finish on time with the expected results. The reason for this is great leadership and an amazing culture where we, among other things, eliminate risk early, cherish planning, quality and clear processes. In Joubel you may focus and enjoy your work and you will always know what is expected of you and how you are doing.


We are now in a fortunate position where we can spend the time and resources needed to write exemplary code, always. We will also be hiring a dedicated development experience engineer to ensure that developing is as awesome as possible for both us and the rest of the global H5P community. We want the next generation H5P code to be so incredibly elegant that you can’t resist it.


Just a year ago, we were only 7 employees. Since then, we have grown to 15 employees on the team and expect to expand to at least 30 in the next year (we already have enough recurring revenue for 30). Hopefully you will be part of, and help shape our fast growing dynamic team!


If you are a talented developer, you deserve a great work life balance and to be well compensated. We typically use statistics to determine your starting salary. If you, for instance, have a masters degree we use the trade union Tekna’s statistics to determine your starting salary. On top of that there are monthly bonuses based on how well the company is doing (12 225 NOK for September, 6 333 for October). We also offer a range of benefits like warm lunch every day, and access to free smoothies, snacks, yoghurts+++. We do team building activities every month including activities like escape rooms, dinners, bowling and paintball. We will also provide you with the latest phone, computer and equipment of your choice to help you thrive at your career in Joubel.

Responsibilities and qualifications:

  • Excellent team player.
  • Excellent programming skills.
  • Knowledge and experience with JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5. Experience with React is a big plus.
  • Experience with Laravel and PHP is a big plus.
  • Experience with Node, websockets and AWS infrastructure is a plus
  • Experience with peer reviewing is a plus.
  • Experience developing robust and efficient code for scalable dynamic web solutions.
  • Computer science or related degree.
  • Solid written and verbal communication skills.
  • Must be located or willing to permanently relocate to either Oslo or Tromsø (Norway).

Applying for the position

The deadline is December 5th. Make sure you upload an up to date resume and include your motivation for applying in the "Cover letter" area. The recruitment company Manpower is assisting us in this recruitment process, and you may reach out to Hanne Kristiansen on +47 917 09 558 if you have any questions about the position.