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Hydro Acoustic Engineer

VolueFull-timeNorway, Arendal , Agder

Job purpose

Join our experienced team in the continued development of world leading solutions for sonar testing, anti-submarine warfare (ASW) training, torpedo countermeasures and other specialized solutions.

Our solutions are typically small, portable, and cost effective. They use state of the art electronics, advanced signal processing and software solutions, all of which are developed in-house. The use of hydro acoustics is central for many of our applications, and we utilize a range of hydrophones and transducers in our solutions.


Main tasks and duties

You will likely contribute to several different work packages for both our continuous development effort and customer specific deliveries.

Tasks will be development of our systems for testing and calibration of military sonars, as well as concept and system development of acoustic solutions in offshore and aquaculture.

Relevant skills range from hardware development, FPGA programming, amplifier technology, analog and digital signal processing, hydroacoustic expertise, underwater technology, mechanical design to low and high level software development.



  • Education at BSc / MSc level in hydro acoustics, electronics, cybernetics or equivalent
  • Experience with hydro acoustic systems, sonar technology and signal processing
  • Experience in electronic design, FPGA or software development will be considered a plus
  • Norwegian and English in writing and orally
  • Responsible and cooperative


Changes and flexibility

The job presupposes flexibility so that other tasks can be imposed when needed. Content and responsibility of the position can be changed due to organisational demands.

Work place: Arendal

Application due date: 12th December

If you have questions, please contact Svein Moholt

We look forward to receiving your application and will consider applicants consecutively.