AI Engineer

At DN Media Group, we create innovative products and solutions that enhance our journalism, providing readers with the insights they need to make informed decisions. In our team, you'll help shape the future of AI integration within our organization, influencing both technical implementations, forming end-user products and strategy for data and AI.

DN Media Group operates multi-cloud - currently on AWS and Azure. Our tech stack includes a diverse range of AI tools and services from vendors such as OpenAI and various technologies such as LangChain. Additionally, we leverage both open-source and proprietary language models developed within a modern NLP framework. As the AI and data space develop at a rapid speed, we continue to experiment with new technologies.


    Your day-to-day:

    • Experiment, learn, and develop new AI services, models and products, both for internal and external users.
    • Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams in product & technology.
    • Serve as a go-to full stack AI resource, from conception to implementation.
    • Discuss and evaluate AI use cases with colleagues across DN Media Group.
    • Enable others to experiment with AI.
    • Keep up to date with recent AI development

      Your strategic role:

      • Contribute to our AI strategy and identify potential use cases.
      • Improve and develop AI framework and infrastructure.
      • Reporting to the Head of Data & Insights, contributing to developing the AI competency in the department and the organization.

      Your background:

      • Experience or interest in implementing AI solutions and ML models using software engineering best practices.
      • Experience with deployment of services in a cloud-based environment.
      • Practical experience in data engineering.
      • Experience with processing of images, audio, video in addition to text is a plus.
      • Proficiency with Python.
      • Higher education in a relevant field (preferably master level).

      We encourage applications even if you do not meet every single requirement. If there are any critical requirements, it is the willingness to learn and share new skills in the rapidly changing field.

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      Due to the summer vacation we will not be reaching out to candidates before mid August.

      We are an equal opportunities employer who wants to attract qualified applicants regardless to gender, religion, race, national or ethnic origin, cultural background, social group, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, age or political opinion. Diversity is fundamental to our culture and we invite you to be part of this diversity! 

      DN Media Group is a global media group seeking to grow and strengthen our position as leading media group in our prioritized areas: business news, seafood, shipping, and energy. We have a global presence with publications in English and Norwegian as well as offices around the world (Oslo, London, Stamford/New York, and Singapore being the biggest hubs). Significant investments are allocated to our technology platforms, and we develop continuously existing and new solutions to meet our target group’s needs. Our publications are highly rewarded for the journalism (Dagens Næringsliv has won the SKUP prize 20 times) and our innovative solutions.