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Data Engineer – Junior Java Developer

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Data Engineer – Junior Java Developer

We are looking for a Java developer for our Argus distributed systems team.

Argus distributed systems team is a part of our development group. The group is responsible for developing and maintaining mnemonic’s Argus platform, which is the core of our managed security services. Argus is tailored to deliver our portfolio of services to our clients, and the daily tool of our security analysts and our clients.

As part of Argus distributed system team, you will be developing and maintaining systems that serve security incident analysis pipelines for real-time incident response purposes. The identified potential security incidents will be reviewed by security analysts and reported to customers when confirmed.

Argus distributed systems are running over 400 servers across the globe. Currently in total processing over 30 billion security events daily. Each system integrate with different data sources, depending on our customers' needs. We also synchronise threat intelligence data that will be used to enrich the raw events received from data sources. The incident detection algorithms (we call them filters, handled by mnemonic security specialists) will be applied on the stream of incoming events to identify potential incidents. The detected potential incidents will be forwarded to central Argus services so they can be presented and analysed.


The position covers a wide range of tasks, which include:

  • Designing resilient systems that can perform with high throughput and fault tolerant.
  • Developing scalable and high throughput Java solutions for critical services.
  • Tuning and profiling JVM runtimes through thread dump, heap dump, core dump etc.
  • Working with middleware that enable scalable solution.
  • Working with data analytics platforms.
  • Integrating with a variety of data sources and destination like Kafka, REST API, socket, file system.
  • Working closely with other teams from the development group and other security specialists.
  • Document and support our operations team that runs our 24/7 service.
  • Regular maintenance and vulnerability patching for existing solutions.


You consider Java as your main development language. You will be working with the technologies and challenges below. What you do not have experience with, you need to a have willingness to learn:

  • Messaging solutions like ActiveMQ, Kafka.
  • Stream analytical framework such as Flink, Esper.
  • Implementing high throughput event processing pipeline.
  • Concurrent Java programming for high throughput system.
  • Diagnose and tune concurrent Java application for bottleneck and deadlock.

The ideal candidate have experience from relevant side projects and open source contributions.


mnemonic is the Nordic region’s leading IT and information security company, offering a unique combination of services and solutions. mnemonic currently has more than 200 employees, and we are rapidly growing both in Norway and internationally. For the eight consecutive year, we are ranked as one of Norway’s and Europe’s best workplaces by Great Place to Work. The last two years we’ve won our category!

We are working side by side some of Europe’s most important organisations in the fight against cyber attacks, and we are actively participating in reputable research programs both in Europe and globally. mnemonic is also a trusted source of threat intelligence information to Europol and other international law enforcement agencies.


The group you will be working in consists of close to 30 people who develop and maintain mnemonic’s Argus platform, which is the core of our MSS services. Argus is tailored to deliver our portfolio of services to our clients, and the daily tool of our security analysts and our clients.

We are constantly integrating more of our products and services into the platform, and always improving core capability.

If you feel like you have many of the qualifications we are looking for, but feel the profile is too narrow, feel free to send us an open application.


  • Exciting development projects related to information security and analysis in a unique environment consisting of more than 230+ security specialists who work with some of the most demanding and awarding challenges within information security.
  • Large influence in design and architectural choices in own projects.
  • Professional training (courses) and conferences.
  • Competitive terms including a collective bonus scheme for all employees.
  • A solid and profitable corporate economy providing resources for development and innovation.
  • For the past eight years, mnemonic has been ranked among Norway’s and Europe’s best workplaces by Great Place to Work.


We use Semac AS for background checks in our recruitment process. It is an advantage if you qualify for a Norwegian security clearance.


Email us at rekruttering-web[at] and write "MSS-Distributed-junior" in the subject field. Add a text about why you are right for the job, transcript of records and your CV. Include a code project you have worked on that shows us how you work with code.

If you have publications or other works that you think represents your technical skills or ability to communicate in Norwegian or English, please attach or refer to these as well.